The GRL POWER Baby Casual Contrast Romper is the perfect choice for a baby’s day out. Made of pure cotton and it is designed with your little one’s comfort and style in mind.  This romper makes for an ideal addition to your little one’s wardrobe.


  • Made of organic cotton for natural comfort, breathability, water absorption and softness
  • Long sleeve design provides better warm and comfy

Size Information

Size: 66, Dress Length: 40cm, Chest Circumference: 50cm, Shoulder Width: 19.5cm, Age Recommended: 0-6 Months

Size: 73, Dress Length: 44cm,Chest Circumference: 22 cm, Shoulder Width: 21cm, Age Recommended: 6-9 Months

Size: 80, Dress Length: 46cm, Chest Circumference: 54cm, Shoulder Width: 21.5cm, Age Recommended: 9-12 Months


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